Jens Grill

" The use of a Gerflor surface improves the quality of our training environment because it replicates the type of floors used at international competitions. The level of impact absorption achieved by Gerflor also helps to reduce foot traction problems and impact injuries, compared with a wooden floor."

Jens Grill - Performance Director, Badminton England - UK

Kendra Lancaster

“The American team loved the Paralympic Floor. This is my third Paralympic Games so I’ve played on a lot of different types of flooring but this was by far my favorite. It was easy to move on which allowed for some really exciting play throughout the tournament! We wanted to roll it up and take it home with us.“

Kendra Lancaster - USA Olympic Committee - USA

Mike Watson

“The feed back so far from the players, coaches and referees regarding the surface has been very encouraging. It looks great on TV and we feel it will have a positive effect against injuries usually sustained playing on timber.“

Mike Watson- Performance Competition Manager - UK

Werner Schlager

“For me the floor has a crucial importance. The grip should be perfect balanced so the moves during the exchanges should be easy and comfortable.“

Werner Schlager- Table Tennis World Champion - AUSTRIA

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